City Pathways 130(acrylic on canvas)2011 More recently my inspiration for my painting and printmaking derives mostly from the city; that is any city where I live or have visited, where populations are dense and often confined by limited space and the shapes of buildings that house workers and inhabitants.
My theme is the mystery that a city’s occupants create behind the closed doors and curtained and shuttered windows and their unseen actions. I am intrigued by the idea that we rarely know what takes place behind the façades of the numerous buildings that constitute most cities and that this is what makes them hum with life, indeed what makes them exciting places to visit and in which to live.
Cities are constantly evolving places and present innumerable options for the artist in expression of different ideas and feelings. All cities are different, each possessing a unique identity while sharing many features. For me, the never-ending need to balance life and form presents a vast opportunity to explore my developing ideas about city living, including human behaviour and ecological and social changes.
As mankind builds it often seems that mankind destroys and nowhere is this more apparent than in our cities.